VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Songs & Sounds

Looking to get any of the VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels cars as part of a play-set or individually? Then you should have an idea of what songs and sounds they make. I took 4 of the 6 cars we have and turned them all on at once so you can get an Idea of the noise generated when your kid plays with these. The sounds trigger when the cars roll, the button is pressed or when the cars interact with any of the coordinating play-sets. It can get noisy! Luckily each car has a switch on the bottom to turn the sounds off. ūüôā

First Toy Store Tantrum!

I recently went browsing at a local children’s consignment shop for a spring coat for my son. While we didn’t find a coat, my son found the Fisher Price Little People Fun Sounds Farm on a shelf. ¬†This is something he has played with at our local library, and he has recently become very interested in the Little People toys.


Well, he¬†started in on a¬†major tantrum when we tried to move the toy from the shelf to the floor so he could play with it. ¬†When I asked the lady how much it was she said, “8 dollars.” ¬†…Um, SOLD!

After several more tantrums we finally pried it from his tiny, yet surprisingly strong fingers. ¬†He didn’t understand the concept that we needed to actually take it to the register and pay for it before bringing it home. ¬†My husband contributed by taking photos of the meltdown as it happened and saying, “To show him when he’s older.”

Fisher Price Little People Fun Sounds Farm

While we paid close to nothing for this toy, but I would have paid full price now that I see how much he loves it. If your child likes pretend play with doll houses or toy people/animals, this is great for them!  Our life has basically become a rotation between this and his kitchen set.

I haven’t put batteries in it yet, and I may not, but I know it makes animal noises when the fences and doors are opened. So far the sounds are not necessary for us¬†to have fun. The Little People Fun Sounds Farm¬†has given us¬†hours of play¬†and we highly recommend it.


Great Kitchen Set for Small Spaces

The Step2 Cozy Kitchen¬†was an early Christmas present to my son. ¬†After realizing that he was obsessed with playing with a pretend kitchen set at a family members house, we decided he needed his own, but we had the predicament of living in a Brooklyn size apartment with a toddler who already has a lot of toys, and we don’t have any space to spare!

In my search for the perfect kitchen, I found the Cozy Kitchen by Step2. ¬†It was small, compact, and came with the perfect amount of play dishes for my 17 month old. At 17 months, I didn’t think size would make a difference and I was right. ¬†My son played with this kitchen non stop for two days straight. ¬†All other toys were forgotten and he concocted all kinds of “delicious” meals for Mommy and Daddy. ¬†Especially for Daddy.

I recommend this kitchen for anyone who lives in a tight space and can’t spare much room for a large kitchen set. ¬†Of course it would be wonderful to have more doors to open, some drawers to hold the utensils, and a microwave, but beggars can’t be choosers and my son loves this kitchen more than any other toy in the apartment.

I give this five stars out of five for its perfect fit in our tight apartment and because my son loves it to no end!


(We have also included links for larger units below. While we do not own these¬†these, we feel¬†comfortable¬†recommending as they are either similar enough or we have used them at grandma’s house and other various play¬†spaces.)