Man Attempts to Steal Baby from Car

File this under, “Reasons to never leave you house.”

Local news affiliate WMAZ in Georgia reported a nightmarish tale that makes me want to invent a 6-point car seat harness that shoots lasers and is protected by a cage of razor wire.

After taking her daughter to a doctor visit, Isabel Midence, 35, of Lawrenceville GA swung into a McDonalds for breakfast. She was shocked when she went to exit her car stating, “When I was ready to get out, someone opened the door.”

A strange man had opened the door and was actively trying to steal Isabel’s daughter from her car seat. “Her left arm got stuck with the belt” she said. His┬áreaction? He pulled the baby out by her neck.

Yes, by the baby’s neck.

Luckily Isabel was traveling with her father and the two of them worked to fight off the kidnapper. As she held onto her baby for dear life she used the most basic of tools as a weapon, her teeth!

“When I was fighting with him I kicked him, and bit him because I was holding my baby in my arms,” she said.

Now that’s a move you don’t see in MMA. Well done Isabel!

After the man ran off, police tracked him to a nearby hotel where they found Sterlyn Reynolds, 19, and charged him with Kidnapping and Cruelty to Children. Reynolds told police he had no knowledge of what happened. If you are concerned about him being a case of mistaken identity, police arrested him because he fit the description and he had a bite mark on his arm.

I can’t even imagine the post traumatic stress this mom is going to deal with after this incident. When my kid walks near a table with sharp corners I feel freaked out. This would make me live in a locked down bunker.

I’m fascinated to know what the motivation was for the alleged Sterlyn Reynolds. What type of scum bag tries to kidnap a child, and how crazy do you need to be to try and steal a kid out of a buckled carseat?!

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