How to protect your kid against lead poisoning!

We live in Brooklyn. We live in an old building. We live in an old building with nightmare plumbing.

Can you see where this is going?

A friend of mine recently bought an old house and during his inspection he found out that the the old pipes had lead solder. His lawyer told him that if he ever rents out the property he needs to put a lead clause in his rental contract. It’s a standard thing to protect against legal actions from renters. I’m sure I signed something like this when we moved into our place.

My son was only a few weeks old when he told me this. I wanted to filter our water to be safe.

We were supplementing breastfeeding with the occasional bottle and we knew that eventually our son would ween. A regular Brita pitcher doesn’t filter lead and to be honest we didn’t even change the filter enough (twice a year is better than nothing I guess).

The Culligan FM-15A Advanced Faucet Filter Kit was a perfect solution. This filter kit installed easily (make sure to check your faucet type for compatibility) and has worked flawlessly since then. It screws onto the spout on your faucet and when you want filtered water you pull out a little knob and – TA-DA – filtered agua!

Not only does it improve the water’s taste and smell, it reduces lead, lindane and atrazine, sediment, and particulate class 1. Do you boil your tap water for tea? Pasta? Soup? Well as the steam evaporates you only end up concentrating water contaminants. So your water might not show up as having lead when tested, but simmer a pot of homemade stew on the stove for 2 hours and suddenly you have a different story.

The life of the filter cartridge, FM 15RA lasts up to 2 months/200 gallons. This manufacturer’s rating has proven to be true and thanks to Amazon Subscribe and Save a new filter arrives every two months without even having to think about it. It’s great!

Like all filters of this type, near the end of the cartridge life your water will start to run slow. I like to think of all the filth it has captured. This makes the wait tolerable. My wife likes to sing a song called, “Old-Man Pissing” to the tune of Old-Man River. Maybe not the most appealing concept but it makes us laugh.

My only complaint is that this filter doesn’t attach to pull-down faucets. My mom wanted to buy one for my brother but it wouldn’t have worked on his sink. Culligan does make an under the counter filter systems for these situations. Since we live in an apartment the Culligan FM-15A Filter Kit was a great way to add a powerful filter without making modifications and losing a security deposit.

Highly recommended. 5 out of 5 stars. MostRoyal!