Welcome to the Terrible Twos

Our son turned 2 this past week. It’s amazing how fast this second year went by.

The first year was a strange mix of slow and slower, a feeling like a decade of life had been crammed into 365 days.  But, between year 1 and 2 time was delivered as a crazy-rapid bust. Maybe it’s because he’s moving so much more but I feel like so much is happening and it’s all slipping past me before I can get photos and videos.

Being a parent has been such an amazing experience.  Even if the “terrible twos” literally kicked in on his birthday.  🙂

I gotta admit, as frustrating as the tantrums can be – when I see that little glimmer in his eyes and that sneaky smirk while he’s misbehaving it takes a lot of effort to hold back a my own smile and giggles.

I love that kid.