Gretsch G9126 Guitar Ukulele

Wow, I can not express how wonderful this 6 string Ukulele has been. Our kid LOVES it!

Because it’s has six strings, like a guitar, this uke is super easy to pick up and play all the normal songs you know without having to think of ukulele chords.

I bought a wall hanger (Hercules GSP38WB) so I can keep the uke hung up in our main playroom. It’s been super useful. I can quickly grab this mini-guitar and sing songs to our one-year-old son’s delight. He also loves to sit in front of me and carefully strum the stings with one finger while I make chords. He will actually squeal with joy at this. As a dad who hopes to teach his son guitar, these moments are just precious. Finally, there was one day a few months ago when he was having a temper tantrum and we were unable sooth him. Suddenly I saw the Uke, grabbed it and began singing. He immediately stopped crying and began to smile and laugh. Worth. Every. Single. Penny.

This thing sounds great too. I’ve been very happy with the tone, especially for the size. It is very well rounded with a nice punchy feel. We also spent one afternoon around the pool and this little uke got passed around the deck as we sang songs. Super charming. I also like the fact that as our son gets older the size and soft nylon strings will make this a great beginner instrument.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!


How to keep your sanity. (6′ iPhone cable)

As new parents we have our phones with us at all times. We Google symptoms of illnesses, play white noise to get the kid asleep (Pro-tip, remember that one!) we browse Facebook and Instagram at 3am while the kid sleeps in our arms, and most common of all we text our spouse from the other side of the house to say, “Is he asleep yet?” and “I need help” and “HELLO!??! I NEED YOUR HELP, GET THE F BACK HERE. WHY ARE YOU IGNORING MY TEXTS!?”

There is only one problem. When your phone dies. We all know it. We are trapped under a sleeping baby and the phone craps out. Now you get to sit in the dark for another 30 minutes until you can sneak him in his crib. …I mean, you don’t want to chance it and wake him before he’s in a deep sleep! Or should you? Quick Google it. WAIT, MY PHONE IS DEAD! NOOOOOOOOO!

So, order a handful of these 6 foot long iPhone cables (or similar if you have an Android phone). What a life saver these have been for us! The standard iPhone cable is so short you can’t move more than an inch from the wall outlet. These let us sit in the rocking chair or on the far side of the bed or on the toilet for a moment alone. “What are you doing in there for so long?”

We have tried a few brands. They all started to fray and break after 3-4 months.

So far the Cable Matters® Lightning Cable in White 6.6 Feet/2 Meters has lasted without any issues. Fingers crossed. But at this price, even if it does die I will just order another.

4 our of 5 stars.

Points taken away because:

  1. It’s another thing to baby proof around the house.  Make sure you keep these coiled up and out of the way.
  2. Because other brands, including Apple, break over time I suspect that will happen with these too. At this price it’s more of a hassle than a deal breaker.  And as I said above, so far these have NOT broken!